January 17, 2020 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents,

Does it seem like your IMO, BD, or RIA encourages you to spend more and more money on expensive marketing programs? 

Dinner seminars, cold leads, radio shows, social media ads…you know what all of these have in common? They’re all really expensive for YOU! 

Who are they NOT expensive for? Haha for THEM! Because they get paid on your GROSS revenue, not your NET! 

Who gets paid on your NET? Yep you and your family. 

So as long as this marketing creates 1 new client, they win. Even if YOU only broke even after all expenses. 

The next time your IMO, BD, or RIA suggests a new lead program or dinner seminar, ask them, “If this is such a great marketing opportunity, how about I pay you on my net revenue after I’ve paid for the marketing expenses?” 

What do you think they’d say? 

Now I can almost hear you thinking, “Yeah but if I don’t spend money feeding the marketing beast, I can’t ‘grow’ my business.”

Don’t believe the lies! It is 2020 and A LOT has changed since those outdated marketing techniques were in their hayday!

There are other ways, and actually much better ways, to grow your business! 

Put yourself first and take the time to learn about the CPA Team Based Model. 

We’ve taught advisors from all across North America how to build profitable and lasting relationships with CPAs. It’s more profitable AND more enjoyable than doing the same old same old that all of your competition is doing. 

This model is disrupting the industry. The question is, when do you want to learn about it?