Virtual Family Office

Virtual Family Office

Our VIRTUAL FAMILY OFFICE provides you with ACCESS to EXPERTISE that helps you to not only be HOLISTIC & PROACTIVE with your clients - but also be able to IMPLEMENT EXPERT SOLUTIONS having discovered client needs

Your online VIRTUAL FAMILY OFFICE can be tailored to suit your needs and supports your local PROACTIVE PLANNING TEAM (that we will coach you to build - and can make more efficient through our Elite Member Support Team)

The VFO incorporates ACCREDITED GLOBAL EXPERTS across 5 Areas:

  • Advanced Tax Planning
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Advanced Wealth Planning
  • Legal Services
  • Business Advisory Services

Aside from providing you with the ability to easily solve any client problems and generate new revenue streams - the VFO instantly helps your to "LOOK BIGGER" - with a greater depth of resources (at no employment cost to you)

The Virtual Family Office provides both the Member and your best clients with the access to expertise necessary to confidently offer PROACTIVE & VALUE ADDED SERVICES to your best clients.