Elite Member Services & Benefits

Our SERVICES & BENEFITS are provided in 3 Distinct Ways - that's Our HOW

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More Important than the HOW is the Elite WHY:

The Why - Our Focus

Focus on Proactive Advice

Helping you to lead a local "Proactive Planning Team", supported by a "Virtual Family Office" of experts

Focus on Holistic Advice

Positioning you at the center of your clients "financial universe" rather being sidelined in a “silo”

Becoming "Most Relevant Proactive Advisors" to your clients

Focus on Best Clients

Giving your best clients what they want & expect and building on your "Most Trusted Advisor" status

Focus on Ultimate Goals

Helping you "Maximize Business Potential"
Grow Business Revenues
Increases Client Value
Promote Team - "Career Fulfillment"

Whether you are a Financial Advisor or an Accountant we help you build your Firm of the Future to give you an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace. ​
Most Advisors and Accountants are too busy being busy! You need to shift your focus from "spinning plates" to Building a Business by Design that creates value through structure and process.   
When you start your coaching your first step will be to "shift your mindset" and to think like a business owner (ather than a Financial Advisor or Accountant). We call it creating a "CEO Mindset". Creating a "CEO Mindset" will allow you to focus on what's most important in your business.
At Elite we have years of experience in helping thousands of Financial Advisors and Accountants each in their own Member Communities - although we often we help both to WORK TOGETHER more effectively to MAXIMIZE MEMBER POTENTIAL (but that's entirely your choice).

Depending upon Membership Service Levels we provide both Financial Advisors & Accountants with a combination of:

  • MEMBER BENEFITS which are provided by that service level
  • MEMBER SERVICES which are available where you can choose what will best help you to GROW your business

Elite Advisor Membership Service Levels

Elite Accountant Membership Service Levels

To understand the differences between the Member Service Levels we recommend you book a without obligation Initial Meeting with our Member Support Team.

Simply stated - the further right you move across the service level options - the greater level of hands on coaching and support you will receive to help you GROW your Business. 

When you become an Elite Member (depending on your service level) you will have access to Growth Credits (a form of "Elite Money" built into your membership).
Your Elite "Growth Credits" provide you with FLEXIBILITY & CHOICE regarding where you need the most help / which services you prioritize to grow.


Focus on the 4 Ways to Grow any Business - we can help you to:

  • Win New Clients - of the "right type"
  • Do More Transactions with Existing Clients
  • Increase the Average $ Value of a Transaction
  • Increase the Efficiency of your Business
Schedule a Meeting to Learn More about Elite Member Services, Benefits and License Fees