Coaching & Communities

Coaching & Communities

Our COACHING & COMMUNITIES are designed to help you Maximize Business Potential and become Most Relevant Advisor to your clients

The best way to accomplish any goal is by learning from teams of people who have already done it successfully

At Elite we provide extensive VIDEO LEARNING MODULES - so that you can move and learn at your own pace - combined with:

Access to EXPERIENCED VIRTUAL COACHES & CONSULTANTS who can provide you with the help you need / when you need it to help you to GROW Your Business

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Personal growth is also driven by the various Elite SKOOL COMMUNITIES (your community is determined by whether you are a Financial Advisor or Accountant) where you can learn and share knowledge with like-minded Elite Members

It is hard changing your business while surrounded by the same people. Through our various virtual communities, as well as in-person meetings, conferences and events, you’ll be surrounded by successful members (just like you) all supporting each other on their journey and acting as a resource for one another.

Elite Skool Community provides access to:
  • Formal Education & Learning (in bite sized modules and chapters)
  • Combined with an online Readiness Assessment to Drive Accountability and Make Progress
  • Monthly Group Learning Webinars for Elite Members
  • Monthly VFO Expert Technical Webinars to broaden your understanding of the planning possibilities
  • Regular Elite Events designed to support the learning environment
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