Ask Paul – A Look Into the Future Episode 29 - Pulling It Together: 6 Key Areas

September 16, 2019 | By Paul Latham
Financial Advisors Accountants

This week, Paul Latham brings together the concepts from the first 28 episodes of Ask Paul - A Look Into the Future. 

Paul reveals the reason why you should look at advisory services as a "painting by numbers" exercise and explains how the "3 Ingredients of Business Success" can help you clarify your direction and maximize your business potential. 

He also discusses the "basic fundamentals" of selling and delivering advisory services which include:

  • Defining the timescale of the client
  • Asking the Four Key Business Owner Questions
    • the four questions every business owner should be able to answer
  • Focusing on the 6 Key Areas of Business Advice
    • represents about 80% of anything you need to know about general business advice

Learn more by watching the video below!

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