Which Advisors Are Going To Win Big in 2022?

January 5, 2022 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

There was a lot of discussion in 2021 about the future of wealth management and insurance. 

Which advisors (and companies) are going to “win” in 2022? 

What do you think? Fiduciaries? BDs? Insurance only? CPAs who are also wealth managers? 

In this video, I share a few thoughts to consider related to this debate. 

In short, the advisor that wins is the advisor that brings the most value to clients. And the advisor that brings the most value to clients is the advisor with the best team of professionals. It’s that simple. Regardless of any one individual’s experience, licenses, niche, etc. they will always lose to a team of true professionals. 

It’s this simple, one individual is working with a finite resource – time. 

A team can grow or expand based on the needs of the individual situation, and therefore there is essentially no limit to their ability to solve problems and bring value.