Were You Taught an Outdated Approach to CPA Partnerships?

June 19, 2020 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

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Have you tried to work with CPAs and Attorneys but just ended up pulling your hair out with frustration? Or worse, gotten a prospect to the 5-yard line only to have their accountant kill the deal? 

I know how infuriating these experiences can be…because they happened to me countless times early in my career.

But the truth is…it’s not because the concept of a CPA or Attorney partnership isn’t good, it’s because we’ve been taught the wrong way to approach and build them. 

As Wealth Managers and Insurance Agents, we’ve been taught for the last 20 years (I started in this industry in 2001 and remember the “Center of Influence Training”) the WRONG WAY to approach and build relationships. 

The old “Third Party Referral” model (which is what you’ve always done unless you worked in a Family Office) is OUTDATED and doesn’t truly create a win-win-win relationship. 

We run a Multidisciplinary Firm (aka Family Office) which means we have accountants, attorneys, wealth managers, and insurance agents all under one roof working collaboratively for clients. 

This has given us the unique ability to help other advisors take the same concepts of a Family Office and apply them to the advisor-accountant-attorney relationship. 

And although this model has served us well, the recent events related to Covid-19 have really created the perfect storm. 

Our Mission is to lead the industry towards virtual, collaborative, and holistic planning, which is much bigger than we can accomplish on our own. 

To help you understand exactly what that means and how it can help your business, we put together a free 20-minute training video. 

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Now is the time to capitalize on our industry shifts!