The Old Way vs. The New Way of Working with CPAs

May 2, 2019 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

Hey everyone, Anton Anderson here from Elite Resource Team. An advisor in our training asked a good questions yesterday. He engaged w/ 3 CPAs prior to tax season, and now after tax season they're defaulting back to the referral model (looking for specific cases/situations to refer to him vs working together as a team on all their A clients).

I recorded a short video to share my thoughts, and after sharing it with him I realized there are likely others that follow us that may be in this situation (I know I was with a number of CPAs early on in the relationship) so we figured we'd share.

Referrals from a CPA aren't the goal, working together on an ongoing basis as a TEAM is the goal. Referrals come and go, partnerships change your business.