Premium Financing Explained for Wealth Managers and Insurance Agents

June 26, 2020 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

We see wealth managers and insurance agents make two common mistakes: 

  1. They let their own biases influence the options they educate their clients on, and;
  2. They get attached to a few specific products or strategies and that becomes their “go to” move for clients. 

The best results are achieved for a client when you can discuss the pros and cons of a range of potential solutions to their problem and then have an open conversation about their feelings towards each solution. 

Proactive collaboration is the NAME OF THE GAME! 

And, selfishly if you don’t talk to them about a specific option, it’s only a matter of time until someone else does. 

In this video we cover the key factors of Premium Financed Life Insurance to give you a conversational overview of what it is, why clients should consider it, and where it applies.