February 21, 2020 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

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Regulations, technology, artificial intelligence, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing…there’s no end to the variables that will affect our financial planning and insurance businesses. 

By providing a little more comprehensive and proactive planning for our clients, we can:

  • Increase our revenue 
  • Reduce our business risks 
  • Provide more value to clients 
  • Help CPAs and other Strategic Partners
  • Enjoy our careers more! 

After coaching over 1,000 financial advisors and insurance agents across North America, we’ve seen a concerning trend. 

The vast majority have 90% of their revenue coming from one or two activities. 

That’s not a problem when everything is going as planned…but what happens when something breaks? 

Want to learn how to build your financial planning or insurance business in a way that produces multiple streams of income? 

Click here to see our 20-minute free training video.