LESS CLIENTS, MORE VALUE (Introducing Catalyst)

June 30, 2022 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

As I was reviewing our financial books for 2021, I couldn't shake the feeling that we were spending too much on COLD MARKETING. 

For the fifth row in a year, it was our largest expense (ranging from $800k to $1m per year). 

Why are we spending so much money trying to acquire new clients when we've already built up a client base of 1,200 advisors and 600 CPAs? 

The question kept nagging me until finally it hit me - LESS CLIENTS, MORE VALUE. 

Ironically we've been teaching this to advisors and CPAs for their own businesses, but for some reason we weren't practicing what we preached. 

At least we weren't...until now. 

We've changed everything about the way we are working with advisors & CPAs, and I've never been more excited about our direction. 

In this video, I introduce our new program called Catalyst. https://learn.elitert.com/catalyst-training

Why is it called Catalyst? Because so much has changed over the last few years that an entirely new training, community, and system was needed to capture the current opportunity.  

Catalyst will share the best model we know about running a proactive and holistic planning practice right now:

  • Generating client and CPA introductions through digital marketing 
  • Charging recurring fees for proactive and holistic planning (for you and accountants) instead of just counting on the backend business 
  • Focusing on implementation and collaboration (mastermind) instead of just consuming content on your own
  • Using a proprietary Proactive Planning Platform to complete CIQs, prioritize opportunities, map through case completion, and rate experts 
  • Leveraging a true Virtual Family Office where your experts are accessible online (bios, photos, client requirements, ratings, etc.) 

It’s a total redesign for running a financial practice, and it’s much more profitable, enjoyable, and valuable to clients. Not only that, but it’s easier to implement and really improves the number of producing CPA partnerships (as it solves their biggest problems…time, staff, revenue). 

I’m more excited about this project than any I’ve worked on in the past.