May 22, 2020 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

How do I hit the homeruns and grand slams with my CPA and attorney partnerships?!? 

My answer to that question may disappoint you...but hang tight and I'll explain why it makes total sense.

If you’ve seen some of our past videos, you know we often share advanced tax and business planning concepts, large client cases, and exciting "grand slams." For example, in this video I show a screen shot of a case that closed 5 weeks go w/ $109k target premium, and a second that closed 2 weeks ago with a $833k target premium.  

However, here's my answer on how you hit homeruns and grand slams with CPAs and don't focus on hitting home runs and grand slams.  

Here's the deal...when an advisor says to me, I only want to work on big cases right out the gate, it often means they haven't taken the time and put in the work to build a strong foundation. 

Think of your CPA and attorney relationships like a baseball team. In order to win games consistently and be a world class team, you need to hit a lot of singles and doubles. 

In order to do that, your technique has to be strong. You have to study the game. You have to enjoy the dirt. And most importantly, you have to love the process. 

Home runs and grand slams will get you a highlight real on ESPN. Consistent and predictable singles and doubles will get you to the world series. 

Focus on the small wins. Build a process (or follow our process if you want to save yourself time) that allows you to lead the CPA, attorney, or any other strategic partner. 

Singles and doubles should pay the bills, home runs should be used to reinvest back into the business, hire new employees, and provide you with liquidity to weather future storms.