Financial Advisors Should NEVER Say These Things To Potential CPA Partners

February 16, 2022 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

Fairly or not, CPAs (and other potential strategic partners) judge you for how you speak just as much as they do for what you say. 

Honest and client-focused as you may be, if your way of speaking comes across just like every other financial advisor, then people – especially CPAs and other professionals – will have a hard time taking you seriously. 

As a coach for financial advisors, I always stress that the key to respect and credibility is to be professional, succinct, and have something unique to say. And you can start doing that by avoiding these three phrases.

  • “Get/give referrals” – Outdated and sounds like everyone else. Trading referrals like you trade baseball cards. You don’t make referrals, you make introductions. 
  • “Send them over” – You send information. You don’t send people, you lead people. 
  • “Splitting commission” – Sounds salesy, like some backroom deal. Salesmen make commission. Business owners make revenue.