FINANCIAL ADVISORS: 3 Common Mistakes You Make When Approaching CPAs for Business

March 12, 2021 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

From the 1,000+ advisors we’ve trained over the past 5 years, there’s 3 common mistakes they make when approaching CPAs: 
Product – They assume that just because the CPA has clients that need financial planning they should talk about the products they offer. Hint – stay away from product discussion! It doesn’t differentiate you, and no one likes being sold.
Scarcity Mindset – Advisors are used to competing for clients, so they apply the same scarcity mindset to CPAs. To be successful with CPAs, you have to approach it with the exact opposite mindset. The truth is there are WAY MORE CPAs out there than you could, or even want to, work with. You should approach it with the mindset that you’re interviewing them to make sure it's a win/win.
Immediate Gratification – Our industry is TERRIBLE with seeking immediate gratification. I often hear advisors say after just 1 week, “This isn’t working for me.” Really, after 1 week? If you want to work with CPAs you must get out of your own way and dedicate time to the process! Nothing of true value happens overnight.
In full transparency, working with CPAs is not for everyone. Too many advisors in our industry are focused on making a quick buck and then moving on to the next sale.
However, if you’re an advisor that wants to truly build a business, build something of extreme value and stop competing for cold leads or dinner seminars, then I’d encourage you to contact us.