April 24, 2020 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

Recently we’ve seen a significant increase in estate planning. 

Perhaps it’s the fact that people are looking to check off big “to-do” items during quarantine. 

As a wealth manager or insurance agent, it’s critical that you know the right questions to ask to uncover needs and have the necessary resources to help get it done. On top of helping our prospects and clients, this also leads to new AUM and insurance. 

In this video I address:

  • Why do you ALWAYS want to ask prospects and clients about estate planning? 
  • What questions do you ask to uncover opportunities? 
  • And what resources do you need? 

Questions to ask prospects and clients: 
Tell me a little about your estate plan? 
Do you have a trust, a will, or both? 
When was it last updated? 
Have there been any major changes? 
Have you reviewed your life insurance, annuities, and qualified accounts to make sure beneficiaries match your estate plan? 

Planning options:

  1. For non-taxable estates (under $11.5m in 2020) and simple estates best solution is to use online tool: Helios Integrated Planning.
    a. Email and mention Elite Resource Team to get your first estate plan for free, which you can use yourself or for a client.
  2. For a complicated estate but still non-taxable, use a good local estate planning attorney. 
  3. For a taxable estate use an advanced tax planning specialist. If you don’t have one, email us at with a little info on situation and we’ll introduce you to one of our specialists. 

Regardless of which option you use above, you ALWAYS want to do a BENEFICIARY REVIEW of their existing life insurance, annuities, and qualified accounts. This avoids future issues with their estate and also provides you with a GREAT opportunity to review their existing accounts and consider better alternatives.