Member Reviews

Paavan Kotini
Once you provide that deep value for that one client, initially, and [focus on] doing it right and organically learning, that client has introduced me to other people and I've never asked for a referral.
Merrill Taylor
In the past it was painful when a client would email and say, we have some kind of a need that was outside of my tax realm. And so I'm excited to have a network where people can come and I can actually provide that help for them.
Steven Cox
I am most excited about not having to wonder where the next client is coming from and being able to spend more time doing advanced planning for our clients instead of doing a lot of sales and marketing and different things.
Lee Schwartz
It's allowed me to kind of step into realizing that I'm very good at something, and that is actually connecting people and knowing what my lane is, but being able to take that pressure off.
Jeffrey Rainer
What makes me most excited is we're getting a lot of incredible feedback, not only from CPA's, but from our clients.
Ed Kollada
The amount of resources, the amount of mindshare that has come about from being part of ERT is just breathtaking.
Eric Partin
It's just been a game-changer. I'm a better person. I enjoy the iron sharpening iron with the people in this room.
Eric Runge
What's the most fun is the mindset shift. I'm having more fun in my business than I've ever had in seventeen years.
Stacey Andres
The sky's the limit here. I'm excited about the expert team that is available, because that's significantly greater now.
Jim Jones
By learning how to leverage CPAs, learning how to develop those relationships and be able to work with a CPA, the marketing costs have dropped significantly.
Chris Wallace
I really like the program. I like the way that it's laid out. It's easy to follow, but you've got to follow it.
Jason Bright
Working with Elite impacted my future, I think it's going to be pretty dramatic to be honest with you.
Jack Branch
It's changed my business from more transactional to more consultative, and working in a team environment.
Andrew Windham
Life is better; it's more fulfilling. Success is simpler.
Jeff Golbois
Do the process, follow the steps - it does work. Trust the process.
Ryan Foncannon
I've found the missing catalyst that I needed to start working on actual cases.
Ron Elwood
I was attracted to my advisor's plan to tailor to client needs versus selling a product.
Hal Cromwell
Working with Elite is the smartest business decision I've made in my career.
Michael Simms
I've had a 400% increase in revenue since last year.
Sterling Hirsch
Elite provided me with strategic relationships to offer solutions to my clients in a more efficient way.
Marilyn Prevoir
It's been a massive evolution for me and my career.
Justin Mundt
I now work exclusively with clients of my CPA partners.