Nail Then Scale Your Marketing With These Must Learn Tips!

July 1, 2021 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

Most advisors want to grow their business, but don’t have the expertise or time to handle all of their marketing efforts on their own.

They have a website and a LinkedIn page, but don’t have time to promote and post.

They want to be positioned as an expert in their community but don’t have the material to host webinars, educational events, or appreciation events.

As a successful advisor, you should focus 90% of your time on three things:

  1. Establishing win/win partners with accountants and other centers of influence
  2. Delivering proactive and holistic planning to clients
  3. Building and leading your team

Unless you’re specifically passionate about marketing and branding, you should not spend almost any time on those efforts. You should plug into a system/platform/team that handles it for you.

WHO not HOW.

That’s the trick that every successful advisor (and business owner) eventually figures out.

WHO do you need to get it done, not HOW do you get it done.

If you’re interested in having us become your who, we’d be happy to explore it further with you.