Jon Kuttin Shares His #1 Secret [Barron's Hall of Fame Advisor]

December 21, 2023 | By Elite Resource Team
Financial Advisors

I took a 24-hour trip from San Diego to New York to spend the day with Barron’s Hall of Fame Advisor Jonathan Kuttin. He shared with me the #1 thing that helped him go from opening his very first account to running a $9 billion AUM practice and being the #3 advisor in the entire country according to Forbes.

Want to know what he said?

In his own words, it is his ability to act on his next 10X.

In this video, we break down exactly what he meant by that and why it has worked so well for him...

According to Jon, at each step of an advisor's career, there are 2X activities and 10X activities, but those should change over time. When you’re just starting out, your 10X is simple, get licensed, make dials, ask for referrals, start paid marketing, etc.

Some advisors will spend their entire careers feeling stuck in those activities. But once you get a good foundation built, you need a new 10X.

His 10X was figuring out how to partner with CPAs. And what’s wild is CPA partnerships are exactly what I focused on to 10X my financial practice as well.

The average advisor will say, "I’ve sent CPAs tons of referrals and I never get anything back."

However, I want to quickly explain the problem. They’re using what we refer to as the outdated referral model. That’s what 99% of advisors approach CPAs with and it's broken. Stop doing that immediately.

Instead, take a few minutes to learn about the Team Based Model. Once you understand how to actually approach and engage CPAs, you’ll understand why it’s your next 10X.