3 Huge Opportunities for Advisors in 2024 with Anton Anderson

February 20, 2024 | By Elite Resource Team

If you feel stuck in your advisory practice, there are three things I would suggest you consider that could 10X your business:

1. Partnerships with CPAs

2. Access to a Virtual Family Office

3. Coaching and Community to Reduce the Learning Curve

For less than a cup of coffee a day, we built a really simple platform for you to access all three of those.

It’s called Financial Collaborators and you can join or stop anytime, within seconds, without ever having to talk to our sales team, or get locked into an agreement.

Let me break down exactly what it is and why we’ve had 521 advisors join in the last few months.

First - it’s an online educational spot where you can learn how to identify and contact ideal CPAs to form partnerships with.

Second - it’s a team of over 50 top planning experts in a Virtual Family Office that specialize in tax planning, risk mitigation, wealth management, legal services, and business advisory so you can help any client, with any problem, any time.

Third - it’s a community of advisors and coaches that are all collaborating to learn from each other and help each other grow.

For $99 per month, with no long term contract, business requirements, etc. you get access to all of that.

If that sounds interesting, check out the link below. You could literally have access to it in the next 30 seconds. Click the link, enter some basic info, and we’ll see you inside Financial Collaborators.

Link to learn more: https://www.skool.com/financial-alchemist-1155/about