The Corner Piece in Your CPA Advisory Services Offering

September 29, 2017 | By Paul Latham

When my son was 3 years old he would dump all the puzzle pieces on the table and have no clue where to start. He would take hours and hours trying to put the puzzle together with no luck.

That’s when I taught him to first put the 4 corners in their place, followed by the pieces around the edge, then look for common colors and always have the front of the box to look at.

I gave him a very simplistic process to follow and now he can put together any puzzle regardless of complexity.

Who is helping your clients with their strategic puzzle?

Who is helping them get from Point A (where they are today) to Point B (where they want to get to in the future)?

If only you had a very simplistic process to follow . . . wait you do, and you might have heard of it by now - its called Vision Stitching™.

Vision Stitching helps pull together the pieces of the strategic puzzle step by simple step. Combining technology with a proven process, Vision Stitching helps organize top priorities for action. Then funnels the action items into a simple One-Page Plan that’s easy for busy business owners to digest and implement.

This simplifies life for the business owner, keeps the team focused, and provides steady advisory work to the firm.

If you are not helping your clients put together their strategic puzzle, somebody else will be soon.