CPA Team Based Model 


Financial advisors have seen their role in society dramatically change over the last 10 years. The market crash of 2008, in combination with countless financial scandals (Bernie Madoff, Jordon Belford, etc.), have reduced the financial advisors’ credibility and trustworthiness to an all-time low (, May 2013).   

By using the CPA Team Based Model, a perfect partnership is born. A financial advisor with a world-class team can provide the services that the CPA clients need but are not receiving. Likewise, the CPA can use their existing client relationship and trust to provide a platform for the solutions to be executed by the advisor in an efficient and holistic manner. Let’s examine this win/win/win from each party’s perspective:

Financial Advisor

CPAs are the most trusted business professionals (according to the “Annual Honesty and Ethics” pool by Gallup). As a Financial Advisor working with Elite Resource Team, you will learn to take advantage of this reality.

This model will allow you to:
  • Work with a warm target-rich group of prospects with the backing of their CPA.
  • Increase revenue by working on a greater number of larger cases.
  • Increase closing ratio by ensuring that the individual’s CPA already approves of the solution.
  • Increase efficiency by utilizing leverage (one CPA often has over 500 clients). 
  • Reduce marketing costs as a result of a constant flow of cases coming from the CPAs.
  • Work with a team of the top specialists in the country to leverage others expertise.


Almost three quarters of people have changed their CPA because the firm only gave them "reactive service," instead of proactive advice, according to a 2014 survey by The Sleeter Group. This model allows a CPA to become a more proactive and trusted consultant who acts as a “one stop shop” for their clients.

Elite Resource Team allows CPAs to:
  • Reduce risks that result from referring their clients to third parties
  • Reduce risk of losing clients by being more proactive and forming stronger relationships 
  • Increase value to all clients
  • Create an additional revenue stream from existing client base
  • Expand their brain-trust and client satisfaction by working with some of the country’s best specialists
  • Increase organic growth by giving their clients a unique story to tell

CPA's Client

Today, more than ever before, the “client experience” is a deciding factor for prospective clients.

This model has virtually no downsides, and numerous upsides, for the client, including:
  • One point of contact for all of their financial needs
  • CPA remains their “quarterback” overseeing the planning process
  • Truly holistic and comprehensive solutions
  • World class results coming from some of the best specialists in the country