CPA Team Based Model 


ERT Training 

Elite Resource Team (ERT) trains financial advisors how to identify, contact, establish, monetize, and maintain relationships with CPAs. This is not a lead generation program, but rather a highly specialized system designed to help top-notch financial professionals reduce inefficiencies in the traditional financial advisor model and significantly increase profitability.

As a financial advisor working with Elite Resource Team, you will receive all of the necessary marketing material, meeting scripts, access to best-in-class team, attendance to educational events (for you and your CPAs), and ongoing support from an accountability coach to ensure your partnership with ERT is a success!

Your role is to help the CPA deliver more value to their clients. You will do this by educating them on the basics of the necessary solutions, and leading them through a process to identify opportunities, reduce inherent risks and work with a team of some of the country’s top specialists. This will allow you to deliver the best solutions in one of the most efficient and risk-free systems available.

Ultimately, your goal will be to help CPAs deliver more value to their clients by becoming proactive, holistic, and value-based planners. If you are approved as a CPA Team Based Model Consultant, you will help with the simplest of account roll-overs to the most complex tax mitigation and business planning scenarios.