CPA Team Based Model 


The CPA Team Based Model - Testimonials


Feedback from advisors attending The CPA Team Based Model Institute: 

James Robinson
Everything about this model is different. It is a very thorough and well thought through turn-key process. Every top advisor I know has at least 3 arms of marketing. If this is not one of your top 3, then it needs to be. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten or less. This reduces your fixed costs of prospecting and will get you in front of more high net worth clients where every detail has been thought of. If there is an opportunity that you do not have expertise in, you have a team that will help you close it. Bottom line, if you fail at this, it is only because you did not implement what was taught.

David Doerr 
I would encourage advisors to look closely at how our profession is evolving and how the CPA profession is evolving. If you desire to remain relevant you will need to adapt to the inevitable changes and position yourself now to best serve your mission statement: To help people meet their financial goals. I have looked very closely at AXAs (MONY) Model, Pen Mutual Model, and various other insurance companies’ models. All of them were centered on how to get referrals from CPAs not how to build a true profitable relationship with CPAs. And that's exactly what Elite Resource Team teaches! 

Mark Gardner  
The CPA Team Based Model laid out a systematic and planned approach to build a profitable relationship with a CPA, rather than a transaction on a hit or miss basis. If you are a long-term oriented advisor then this model can show you how to build a profitable and sustainable relationship with a CPA. I have always been a good networker, but this gives me a genuine way to approach CPAs with a step-by-step system that creates a true win/win. 

Stephen Burgess

At this event, I got the nuts and bolts presented to me, where in other events I usually feel like it’s either the “same old same old” or smoke and mirrors along with promises that are usually not fulfilled. The team concept is what makes all the difference. The Team Based Model makes me an asset to the right CPA. That is something unique you just can’t find elsewhere.


Trow Trowbridge

This is a model that truly makes sense in the long run. This event is unlike other IMO events because it focuses on delivering the specifics!. The CPA Team Based Model will most definitely have an impact on my future business. I encourage other advisors to strongly consider attending.


Ian Welham

I’ve always been focused on bringing in business and nothing else. The CPA Team Based Model provides a strong and clear message about the importance of building relationships. I encourage other advisors to attend their worthwhile events. You will quickly realize that this system won’t fail you as long as you use it properly.


Blaine Troup

This system is unlike any other system. You don’t just sign up and figure it out on your own; you’re supported by a team right from the start. Your business and team immediately expands, giving you the ability to offer more to your client.


Michael Troup

This proven concept gives you all the tools to start working right away. Your new team provides you with realistic goals and experience. The CPA Team Based Model is fully focused on the relationship, placing the advisor directly next to the CPA. No other program does this.


Coy Tuck

Our industry is moving in its lifecycle of decline and it is up to the advisors of today to position their businesses for the next generation. This is a game-changer for your business and our industry.


Joel Beyer

They make this system easy to understand. This is a fresh new approach, focusing on cultivating relationships and keeping them. For advisors looking to attend, I couldn’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to look into this proven concept.


Adam Amante

This event was specific, actionable, and it was thorough. This system will deepen your existing CPA relationships and assist you in identifying new ones. All advisors need to attend this event, don’t think about it.


Brett King
Working with CPAs is something that I have been trying to do for many years. Now I realize it’s not about the products, it’s about the relationship. This program is like nothing anyone has ever attended before, and it will change the way this industry does business in the future. More importantly it will change lives and the industry for the better.