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  • Connecting with CPAs - The New Reality  – By Anton Anderson
  • It's a New Year: Let's Get Back to the Basics – By Ken Smith
  • Reactive CPAs Lose Clients – Almost three quarters of small-business owners have changed their CPA or accounting firm at least in part because the firm only gave them "reactive service." 
  • Gaining (from) Your Clients’ Trust – In this article Lindsey Ferguson discusses the importance for CPAs to shift from a service provider (tax returns, audits, etc), to an essential business adviser that offers proactive planning. 
  • State of Accounting: Why CPAs Must Change – Geni Whitehouse shares some compelling arguments why she believes we are at a crossroad in the accounting profession. As she sees it, clients moving forward will seek advice only from the experts who can keep up with the increasingly rapid pace of change.
  • CPA Horizons 2025: A Road Map for the Future – Published by the Journal of Accountancy, this article looks at 10 topics every CPA must examine to stay ahead of the curve. It is the result of a yearlong initiative to examine what’s on the horizon for CPAs and the accounting profession.
  • Harvard Business Review – Review of best-selling book "Blue Ocean Strategy." This 11 page summary covers key concepts on how to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant.