CPA Team Based Model 


Survey after survey* confirm that CPAs are the most trusted business professionals. As a Financial Advisor or Insurance Professional, you can either fight this reality, or learn to use it to your advantage. At Elite Resource Team (ERT), we will show you how to do just that!  

Elite Resource Team will allow you to:
  • Work with warm target-rich prospects with the support of their CPA
  • Increase revenue by working on a greater number of larger cases
  • Increase closing ratio by ensuring that the CPA already approves the solution
  • Increase efficiency by utilizing leverage (one CPA often has over 500 clients)
  • Reduce marketing costs as a result of a constant flow of cases
Learn how to identify, contact, establish, monetize, and maintain relationships with CPAs through this highly specialized system. The CPA Team Based Model is designed to help top-notch financial professionals reduce inefficiencies in the traditional financial advisor model, while simultaneously increasing profitability.

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*Gallup Annual Honesty and Ethics Poll